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Oscar Predictions 2010

Can you smell it?  It’s that time of year.  The glamour, the stars, the overanalyzed red carpet previews, the politics, the overly long telecast.  Yes, it’s Oscar season.   I’ve decided to highlight a selection of this year’s major awards and tell you who I think should win and then who will win.  (Yes, there is a major difference between the two.)

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#9 of 2009: Up

One of the many visual treats that Up offers.

Typically, Pixar did not disappoint in 2009 with its annual release Up.  Like those that came before it, Up contains a magic that has simply come to be expected of the aforementioned studio.  There were three things that stood out to me: Up’s opening sequence, its animation, and its score.

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#10 of 2009: Invictus

The development of Mandela and Pienaar's relationship drives Invictus.

Clint Eastwood’s Invictus is a special film because of the way it constructs its narrative.  Morgan Freeman had been sitting on the rights to the Nelson Mandela biopic but hadn’t found the right project.  Then John Carlin’s book Playing the Enemy was optioned and the film was greenlit.

Similar to Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby, Invictus is not a film about sports, but instead uses it as a framework in order to tell a larger story.  In this case, the story unabashedly surrounds Mandela.  This could have been the standard biopic about his young life being engulfed by apartheid, his eventual incarceration, release, and rise to the Presidency of South Africa.  Yet, would that have made the film any different from any other retelling of his life?

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